The Winning Delegate, 2nd ed.

Written by a Secretary-General of the Yale Model United Nations, The Winning Delegate will get new delegates started and help more experienced delegates improve their skills.

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(ISBN: 978-1440144301)

Kerem Turunç

​"... something to offer all MUN’ers from the beginner to the expert level." — Irish United Nations Association Newsletter (Winter 2005)

"Anyone who takes the Insider's Guide's advice to heart has a good chance of actually becoming a winning delegate." — Vereinte Nationen (6/2005)

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Kerem Turunç's The Winning Delegate delivers exactly what its subtitle promises: an expert guide to the Model United Nations experience. Drawing from years of Model U.N. experience, Turunç provides advice that will be helpful to any participant, from a newcomer to a veteran delegate.

— Foreign Service Journal (Nov. 2010)